Christopher Brett Bailey
Colin Michael Carmichael
Karen Cogan
Cath Dyson
Lloyd Hutchinson
Eugénie Pastor


Ben and Max Ringham


Susanne Dietz


Unity Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Latitude Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, Oxford Playhouse, Malvern Theatre, mac, Axis Arts Centre, The Junction, Lakeside Theatre, Folkestone Quarterhouse, Tom Thumb Theatre, The Continental

Produced by

Commissioned by

Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Cambridge Junction and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

Funded by

Arts Council England and a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. Developed through Fuel's Jerwood Residencies at Cove Park which are supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation



'As soon as it's over - even earlier, in fact, while it's still going on - it starts to lapse from your memory, fading like an afterimage on your retina. It's the equivalent of a self-destructing letter. It exists to disappear. That's a fascinating prospect: a self-defeating show; theatre so ephemeral it might as well not have happened... Fiction makes for a unique theatrical encounter about the power of suggestion and the workings of your subconscious'
Matt Trueman, Whatsonstage 4****


'The piece is disorientating and incredibly, intentionally slippery' 
Natasha Tripney, The Stage 4****


'It’s terrifically clever, cunningly manipulative, and fun – provided you’re not scared of the dark'
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

'The production is slick. It’s beyond slick; it’s incredible. At one point we walk into a room and it fucking smells different'
Mary Haltom, Exeunt Magazine


'Crikey. Reviewing David Rosenberg and Glen Neath’s ‘Fiction’ is a bit like reviewing an acid trip: it’s an intense and intensely surreal experience that almost seems so out of its creators’ control that it’s hard to know what to ascribe to them and what to your own subconscious'
Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out


'Fiction is the kind of thing you want at the fringe: a unique and memorable experience; a strange story to tell'
Ralph Jones, The Observer


'...a fascinating and enthralling immersion into a world of sound, smell and even touch'
 Graeme Strachan, British Theatre Guide 4****