Image Credits: Stephen Dobbie

How nice - to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.
— Kurt Vonnegut

Imagine the moment of waking up is actually the moment when your dream begins. In light of this new and strange reality, how can we save you from the unspeakable horrors which lurk in the dark recesses of your mind? The only cure we offer is a placebo and a promise. Please remember when you leave to take your body with you.


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31st July-25th August - Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe


Simon Kane

Serena Bobowski

Noa Bodner

Christopher Brett Bailey


Production Manager: Rich Irvine

Light Consultant: Sarah Readman

Set Realisation: George Tomlinson

Set Builders: Callum Mercer / Thomas Shannon / Joe Iredale / Simon Bishop / Sam Thornber

Technicians: Liam Rudd / Greg Jordon / Eren Celikdemir / Adam Wileman / Francis Botu / Cat Ryall


Very special thanks to Miila Dietz for the outro song.

Special thanks to Kathryn Bond.

Thanks to our extras:

Taragh Bissett / Adela Donoval / Anna Edwards-McConway / Bryn Fitch / Manna Mostaghim / Helen Paszyn / Emily Walters / Aidan Yorath

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