David co-founded Shunt to pursue an interest in the role of an audience in theatrical productions and directed all their shows: The Ballad of Bobby Francois, Tennis Show, Dance Bear Dance, Tropicana, Amato Saltone, Money, The Architects and The Boy Who Climbed Out Of His Face. Working with Franke Requardt he conceived and co-directed The Roof, Electric Hotel and Motor Show, for which he used binaural sound recordings to allow the audience intimate access to distant spaces. Most recently he co-directed DeadClub - presented at The Place, and he is one of the team behind Wiretapper - an audio project hiding performance in public spaces.


Andrea has been working as a production manager for experimental theatre performance and art in London since 2005. She is particularly passionate about projects that activate unusual locations. She has worked for Shunt on Amato Saltone, The Shunt Lounge  and The Architects, and on Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, Against Captain's Orders and The Village. She has also worked for Architects of Air, Fuel and Theatre Delicatessen.

GLEN NEATH / glenneath.co.uk / @GlenNeath

Glen has written novels, plays for radio, for the stage and non-theatre locations, performed by rehearsed and unrehearsed actors and by members of the public who are also the audience. Projects include WeddingFree Show (bring money) and Die or Run with Hannah Ringham, Hide with Lizzie Clachan, Unpack with Neil Bennun and Hello for Dummies and Romcom with Ant Hampton. His radio plays for BBC Radio 4 include Listen Up, Six Impossible Things, Occupied, The Long Count and a two-part adaptation of The Arabian Nights. His debut novel, The Outgoing Man, launched Portobello Books in 2005 and was shortlisted for the Authors' Club Best First Novel Award.

VICTORIA EYTON / victoriaeyton.com /@victoriaeyton

Victoria has worked with Punchdrunk since 2013 in various roles, projects including Sleep No More Shanghai, The Lost Lending Library, The Oracles, Absolut Silverpoint, The Drowned Man, The Drowned Man Book, Searching for Stories, The Drowned Man Development Programme, St. Ethelburga's Hallowtide Fair, Under the Eiderdown, Up, Up & Away and various R&D projects. Most recently she worked as Associate Producer on the Fagin's Twist tour at Avant Garde Dance Company and is Creative Producer for Pell Ensemble.

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